Your Guide to an

Amazing, New Rich Life

Based on my personal journey, I’m here to offer you what I once sought but never found: A practical roadmap to wealth and a better life in record time.


Hi, I'm Andy

I'm a "NR" millionaire. And I have a secret to share.

Do you like to hear rags-to-riches stories?

Would you like to hear mine?

More importantly, are you interested in seeing how you can do it too, not just to build wealth, but to truly enhance every aspect of your life?


What's all here?

Besides offering a straight-shooting guide to making bank and living free, I reveal a practical guide to unlock extra time, share useful parenting insights, and explore related life topics. Packed with real-world, battle-tested experience, my goal is to provide actionable advice, not empty promises. (I don’t promise perfection; just real advice from a personal journey.)

Forget the side-hustle mindset, because we’re diving into the big leagues, unraveling the secrets of dominating Shopify and Amazon with your very own brand. I’ll reveal systems and processes so you can build your empire the NR way.

What separates the winners from the dreamers? Is it luck? Nope, I’m afraid. It’s not about stumbling into good fortune or having some kind of superpower from birth. The secret ingredient? Mindset. My journey taught me that the way you view the world directly crafts what you get from it. I’m here to spill all I’ve learned.

I’m unveiling my personal playbook, overflowing with strategies and tools that transformed my world. Grab what fits, customize it to your vibe, and watch it revolutionize your life and supercharge your productivity. You’ll never look back.

Ever dog-eared a page or scribbled notes in the margins of a life-changing book? Me too. I want to make sure those golden ideas are not slipping away. But you know what’s even better? Taking the time to write down expanded notes. Within this collection, you’ll find my musings and insights—some of which have been beacons lighting my path. Dive in and see what strikes a chord with you.

Building wealth? Relatively easy. Raising kids? Big challenge! Each family jams to their own beat. What jives with one might bomb with another. So, here’s the deal: I’m not here to preach. I’m just sharing the beats that rocked our world. Take a deep dive and see what you like.

This is my wild card. It’s a grab bag of everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere. I can go deep, like questioning long-held beliefs about success. Or, I can go light, like dissecting the latest internet meme. In short, it’s random. And it’s me, living life.