Beginners Start Here

Just stepping into the online money-making scene or diving into e-commerce? You’ve landed in the right spot with this tailored batch of articles, crafted just for newcomers like you. So please read this article for an introduction, then go through all the articles in the Beginners section.

Quick recap: I struck gold in e-commerce private label, making millions with smart systems and leveraging FBA, all while putting in minimal effort for maximum gains. This website kicks off my mission to share what I’ve learned. Embracing the ‘New Rich’ lifestyle transformed my life. Read my story and 4HWW book notes for additional context.

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I clearly remember how overwhelming it all felt when I first jumped into this game. I gobbled up information left and right, often out of order or, even worse, soaking in dodgy advice from not-so-reliable sources. It was messy and led to some unnecessary hiccups.

If you’re at the starting line, Beginners is your go-to spot. It lays down a sturdy groundwork for you to build on. Dive into these materials first to get your bearings without getting swamped. Give them a thorough look, and if you still have questions afterward, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Here’s a golden nugget before you dive deep: making money online isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. But there are tried-and-tested methods. And there are ways to dodge the common traps and turbo-charge your success.

Quick (but Important) Advice

My Advice: Evaluate Your Source

E-commerce can elevate your life to new heights if you learn from the right experts and take the appropriate actions.

But equally important, learning from fake gurus can be fatal. I want to put this warning out early so that you can be selective and discerning about the advice you choose to follow in this space.

So, how do you spot a reliable info source? Should you even trust me?

It boils down to using your head (and gut) to judge your sources. In my opinion, you’ll bump into three types of characters on the internet:

The Fake Gurus: They’re usually the noisiest, flaunting their “success” and selling their courses as express tickets to fortune city. They seem to be all over YouTube and social media. Yet, their lack of solid advice becomes obvious to the seasoned eye. Sadly, their misleading tips can hit your wallet hard.

The Hard Workers: Those who’ve hit milestones, maybe a few hundreds grands or the coveted “$1M revenue” club, have useful tales to tell but might lack the comprehensive expertise of a champ. They’re still in the learning phase themselves. They emphasize how hard everything is (perhaps they’re genuinely doubtful they can repeat their success). They love to talk revenue instead of profit. My advice is stay away from folks who glorify hard work. You don’t want to go from a 9-5 prison to an entrepreneur’s prison.

The Real Winners (IMO): Surpassing bigger milestones, think at least $5M+ yearly revenue (with minimal $1.5M recurring annual profit), signals better depth of knowledge and skill. I’m here with 5 successful brands. Quite frankly, I stay humble and grounded, knowing there are others who’ve gone MUCH further and achieved much, much more. But I’ve done it with extra efficiency and minimal effort. I stick to my simple strategies that work. I’ll share plenty of my knowledge here, all from personal experience. 

And last but not least: Take Action. You won’t move an inch if you’re just standing there, reading.

Side note: In case you’re confused, what is a brand and why do you need multiple brands? Picture Heinz ruling the ketchup kingdom and related food niche. And Pilot bossing the pen game. Trying to have Heinz selling pens is probably not a good idea.