Forget the side-hustle mindset, because we’re diving into the big leagues, unraveling the secrets of dominating Shopify and Amazon with your very own brand. I’ll reveal systems and processes so you can build your empire the NR way.



Beginners Start Here

Just stepping into the online money-making scene or diving into e-commerce? You’ve landed in the right spot with this tailored batch of articles, crafted just for newcomers like you. So please read this article for an introduction, then go through all the articles in the Beginners section. Quick recap: I struck gold in e-commerce private

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Warning: Know These Facts Before Your Journey

Facts: real experts are out there quietly raking in money through actual product sales, while many self-proclaimed “gurus” are simply selling dreams through their courses. The chances you find a real winner teaching you something valuable is like finding needles in a haystack. Don’t undervalue the info I have here for you on this site.

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Alibaba to Amazon – A Condensed but Powerful Guide

Ever found yourself scratching your head, pondering where to score goods to flip on Amazon? You’re not alone. Newbies and pros alike often hit up Alibaba – and here’s why: it’s a goldmine. Alibaba’s like the Swiss Army knife for sellers, jam-packed with everything from knick-knacks to niche products ready for your brand’s stamp. Whether

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How to Begin Selling on Amazon – Amazon Seller Account

So, you’ve decided to jump into selling on Amazon? Awesome choice! I’m here to walk you through the steps to get started. To kick off your Amazon selling journey, you gotta first have an Amazon Seller Account. Opting between going solo or going the business route? I’m all for setting sail as a business. Pro

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Cracking the Amazon Code: Know Your Secret Numbers

I love simplicity. It wins every time. But in the Amazon jungle of numbers, there’re two numbers that barely anyone is talking about. And they are the numbers you must know. Do you know what they are? (Nope, it’s not “revenues” or “profit margin”). You see. Everyone is too busy following the herd in the

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