How to Choose a Good Role Model

The Two Choices

Every piece of advice you follow can reroute your entire journey. Who you listen to doesn’t just influence your decisions—it shapes your destiny. In this article, I’ll explore two compelling paths laid out by contrasting influencers. Hopefully you’ll learn to always notice the differences.

On one side, you’ve got the hustle-hard gang. They preach “no pain, no gain” and “sleep is for the weak”. Their mantra? If you’re not grinding, you’re not getting anywhere.

On the other side, there’s the work-smart crew. They wisdom like “work smarter, not harder” and “efficiency is key” (but not before effectiveness). They’re all about finding the shortcuts, the life hacks that let you hit your goals without burning out.

And the kicker: Like a buffet, you get to choose. It’s your plate, your appetite, and your journey. It’s important to realize the clear distinction. Choose wisely.

I’m with the work-smart crew and advise you to do the same. Let’s go through a few examples so you can internalize what I am saying here.

Examples and Commentary

Case 1: Gary Vaynerchuk vs Tim Ferriss

G: Hustle, hustle, hustle. The more you hustle, the more you make.

T: You can work little and earn a lot. Live your best life with ample free time.

Commentary: I stumbled across Gary Vee’s books during my early days as a newbie entrepreneur, only to realize the message it preaches is to hustle more… perhaps he gets more energy from working harder? He’s successful, but do you want to work like him? I threw his books in the trash. My advice: Steer clear of the “work harder” brigade. Their mantra isn’t exactly wrong—it’s just not the savvy advice you truly need.

Case 2: “A” Student vs “B” Student

A Student: Easy peasy.

B Student: It’s brutal. Pure grind.

Commentary: Think back to your school days. If it wasn’t you, then you’ve at least come across them: students who cruised through courses. Of course, these “A” students have secrets. It’s not just brain, it’s also tactics and study habits. Life, like school, plays out in two tunes: the smooth groove and the gritty grind. And here’s the kicker: tougher isn’t better. Why embrace the grind when you can dance through life? My advice: Keep this in mind and work smart.

Case 3: Big Mouth Gurus vs Me

Big Mouth Guru A: Amazon FBA is hard. It’s super time-consuming (doing what?!). And the profits? Peanuts.

Big Mouth Guru B: I’m swimming in cash. Drop a grand on my course, and I’ll spill the secrets. Oh, yeah, you only need $1K to start by shopping deals in stores and send to Amazon.

Me: E-commerce via PL and Amazon FBA is straightforward. I attest you can bring in a hefty sum while working little. What’s even better? With good guidance, you can do it too. And I’m here to hand it to you in the open.

Commentary: This venture is lucrative and not taxing, with your own brand and know what you’re doing. I am not alone. I know a few others leisurely and quietly raking it in. As for those $1,000+ courses? Fine, if they’re packed with real value. But from my seasoned eyes, the folks I came across are getting rich by teaching, not running their biz. My advice: Be wary of what you see out there. Use your brain and your gut to judge.