Warning: Know These Facts Before Your Journey

Facts: real experts are out there quietly raking in money through actual product sales, while many self-proclaimed “gurus” are simply selling dreams through their courses. The chances you find a real winner teaching you something valuable is like finding needles in a haystack. Don’t undervalue the info I have here for you on this site.

Consider this eye-opening fact from Jungle Scout: less than 6% of Amazon sellers break the $1 million revenue barrier. Yes, we’re talking about revenue here, not profit, which would be even more revealing. (But don’t throw in the towel because of the stats. Think of it like picking a college major. If you’re aiming to make money with a college education, you don’t just ask any college grad about their experience. You zero in on the top earners, find out their majors, uncover their secrets, and then plan your strategy. So, I’m not saying college education is the best way to make money… I’m saying that if you decide it’s the path you choose, you’d want to follow the folks with highest chance of earning most. Hope you got the point.)


Revenues table screenshot from Jungle Scout

Despite such dismal numbers, the internet is brimming with so-called experts boasting their wealth (especially when they ask you to pay them beaucoup dollars for their courses before they spill the “secrets”). This discrepancy is a red flag worth paying attention to.

Based on this data, I’m not just surpassing the 6% threshold; I’m likely in the top 3% or even higher. I’m actually very surprised I rank this high because I don’t put much effort into it and making money isn’t my goal, living a good life is. Also, remember, we’re discussing sales figures here, not profits—which, by the way, mine is excellent. Adhering to the 80/20 rule, I only retain items that perform exceptionally well.

My intention isn’t to boast but rather to emphasize that the guidance I offer comes from a position of significant success on the platform. Sure, the top 1% or 2% of sellers might be turning over billions, and there might be strategies they use that I’m not privy to. Regardless, I adhere to simple strategies that bring me success and allow me to enjoy my NR lifestyle. After all, it’s important to remember that money is not the only factor in our New Rich life definition.

By the way, when I dive into “Amazon FBA” talk, I’m zoning in on Private Label magic, not flipping finds from a thrift shop or hustling clearance aisles. We’re talking about crafting a legit brand, your own empire, setting you up for that sweet, sweet passive income. Who wants a forever scavenging for the next quick flip? Nah. Build something solid, a business you can sell off for a hefty payday. Let’s not play small—aim for the empire, not the hustle.

Not Pitching an FBA Course

I also want to make one thing crystal clear: I’m not here to pitch you an FBA course. And while there’s nothing wrong with a good FBA course, success isn’t as simple as following a course by a guru who hasn’t been there. I’ve taken a few of these courses and can say with absolute certainty: the instructors are making money from teaching, not from running successful businesses. So, if you’re looking to avoid wasting money, stick to reading my articles and newsletter.

A Smarter Approach

Instead of jumping into a course taught by some guru, dedicate some time to absorb the information from the guides I’ve shared with you here. If you decide to consult extra resources, go ahead—just ensure they’re exceptionally trustworthy.

To Wrap it Up

Achieving success as an Amazon seller doesn’t require expensive courses. Don’t undervalue the resources I have here for you. Trust me, it can and will make your NR life possible.

I’ve laid out a wealth of resources based on my own journey to help you find your footing. Dedicate some time to absorb the information from the guides I’ve shared with you. Keep an eye out for the potential hazards I’ve highlighted.