Stop Chasing Ideas. Here’s The Secret Behind Every Success Story.

Big idea, big success. Bigger idea, bigger success. Right? Wrong!

In the world of creativity and entrepreneurship, everyone’s obsessed with landing the next big idea. I’ve been down that road, thinking the bigger the idea, the bigger the impact. But here’s the truth: having a big idea doesn’t guarantee success.

Let me lay it out neatly with a formula I picked up from Derek Sivers: 

Value = Idea x Execution

I try to keep it in mind at all times. It’s straightforward and powerful.

He even give numerical values to them for clarity. Here’s how it breaks down.

The Worth of Ideas:

Awful Idea = -1
Weak Idea = 1
So-So Idea = 5
Good Idea = 10
Great Idea = 15
Brilliant Idea = 20

The Power of Execution:

No Execution = $0 (He actually gave it $1, but I prefer $0 to bring home this point)
Weak Execution = $1,000
So-So Execution = $10,000
Good Execution = $100,000
Great Execution = $1,000,000
Brilliant Execution = $10,000,000

This scoring tells you one thing loud and clear: ideas are just multipliers of execution. A brilliant idea with zero execution is worth a big fat zero. Even a super brilliant idea that is not just 20, but 5,000… it’s still worth zero without execution.

Execution: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Chasing big ideas? Cool. But remember, the magic happens in execution. That’s where ideas transform into real results. The focus has to shift quickly from dreaming to doing.

So, while big ideas are great, their success really hangs on how well you execute. A brilliant idea, without action, multiplies nothing. The real trick is not just to dream big, but to act big. Pair even a good idea with killer execution, and watch the magic happen.

Big Takeaway: A big idea alone isn’t worth much without solid execution. Dreaming big is good, but doing big is what really counts. Execution is the magic that transforms great ideas into tangible successes. So, don’t just sit on a brilliant idea—bring it to life with effective action. That’s how you make it big.