Hi, I'm Andy

I’m a "NR" millionaire. And I have a secret to share.

Do you like to hear rags-to-riches stories?

Would you like to hear mine?

More importantly, are you interested in seeing how you can do it too, not just to build wealth, but to truly enhance every aspect of your life?

Yes? Good. I’ll tell you. (Btw, “NR” means “New Rich”… lots of clarifications for this term explained throughout the site.)

You see, for years, I loved hearing stories about how others got rich. How they transformed their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. It all began promisingly but always ended disappointing (for me anyway).

It’s always something like this: It’s for them, not for me. It takes too much work. It’s for geniuses, and not for regular guys. There’s no adaptable roadmap. There’s no chance of repeatability. In short, there’s no secrets and I don’t see how I can do it. (In fact, at some point, I even convinced myself it’s just luck!)

If you can relate to that, you’re going to love what I have here because I’ll be your guide. I’ll show you how I achieved an amazing ‘new rich’ life in record time, and how you can do it too. This isn’t just about being “rich”, it’s about the “new rich” (details on ‘new rich’ to follow; It’s more than just money.)

I did it in less than one year and so can you (perhaps it may take you two years if you’re slower, but it’s still very fast. You’ll see.)

My story and guidance on this site are first-hand, detailed, and adaptable. It doesn’t rely on luck. It’s my desire to offer others what I once sought but never found.


I broke free from the 9-5 grind by questioning the usual path to success and diving into private label e-commerce with Amazon FBA. Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Workweek,” I set out to make more money with less work. With just $5K, I launched a product on Amazon that skyrocketed to success. This win allowed me to ditch my job and embrace a life packed with freedom and unforgettable experiences. My journey, brimming with practical tips and strategies, proves that financial freedom and a fulfilling life are possible. Follow my lead and craft your own “New Rich” lifestyle.

Long Story Short

I got hit by inspiration one day. I sat down. I wrote it all out in one burst. Every bit of my journey, as much as I can recall. My hope is that anyone walking a similar road might see a bit of themselves in it.

Then, today is a slower day, I thought it may be a bit much for a quick read. So, I’ve added this nutshell version. If you’ve got a minute, though, the whole story’s right below this. Dive in. You might find more to light your path.

The nutshell version:

I was trapped in the grind, thinking success was just about “working hard” and raking in cash. After having family and children, my priorities change. Then came my turning point: I started questioning the conventional path laid out before me: exchange hours for dollars until retirement, and then, perhaps, enjoy life. That didn’t appear good.

I looked for a way out and came across the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. The book described much of what I felt, plus escape ideas. But I needed something more specific and scalable to the moon. And the book wasn’t providing that.

My game changer was private label with Amazon FBA. As you might image, I was no expert starting out. I had to go through lots of noise on the internet and devised my own strategy. Mine was simple but it worked. Even better, it didn’t need a lot of money, nor a lot of work.

So, here I am, sharing my journey. I’m not here to brag. I just want to be helpful to those in similar situation like I was in and show you the rope. Back then, I was looking for guidance like this but never found one. You see… stepping out of the 9-5 grind and diving into online entrepreneurship isn’t just a dream; it’s doable. More importantly, I’m here to pass on some hard-earned tips and insights so your journey will be much easier. Btw, you can start while holding on to your 9-5 grind until it’s obvious that you don’t need it anymore.

This ‘new rich’ life—it’s not just about banking more than you can spend (though that is definitely amazing). It’s about crafting a life so rich in experiences, freedom, and choices. As I cracked the code to financial freedom the NR style, it also unlocked a treasure chest of time. Suddenly, I was granted the luxury to truly live… relishing those precious moments life offers, while amassing a formidable set of skills that the extra time made possible. From turbocharging my focus and productivity to mastering the art of parenting and jet-setting around the globe, it’s been an exhilarating journey. (Believe me, going from no free time to a ton of it requires some adjustments and finding that sweet spot that feels just right, giving you purpose while keeping boredom at bay.)

And I’m here to guide you if you want to follow my footsteps.

Want more details? Below is the original, long story. Enjoy.

Questioning Success

Let’s start near the beginning of my journey to see if you can relate…

Ever caught yourself in a moment, questioning the whole concept of success?

That was me, caught in a whirlwind of thoughts. Oh man, did it flip everything on its head. This deep dive into my own mind led me to where I stand today. 

I thought I did pretty good…

It’s wise to follow the beaten path, right? Go to school, get a good job, etc. With my B.S in Electrical Engineering in hand, I jumped into software engineering for robotics and electronics right out of school. It was fun and “it pays well.” More than a decade flew by, and there I was, still with a “good” 9-5. (I am using quotes to reflect the common opinions of many people observing my situation, including myself). I never hit the startup jackpot, didn’t become a millionaire with my side start-ups either.

Then life turned the page, I tied the knot. My wife is a doc, and it looked like we had it all figured out. A combined income of $450K, living the dream, or so it seemed…

As the saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

But then, what’s next? Financially, we’re alright. But our time? Definitely in short supply. Yep, reality hit home after we had children.

That’s when I started questioning my idea of success. My frustrations, laid out in no particular order, went something like this:

One vacation a year? Pathetic.

Missing the kids’ school events? Heartbreaking.

Waiting for the boss’s approval for a kid’s event? Bullshit.

Distracted dinners because of work? Maddening.

Half-hearted conversations after a long day? Soul-crushing.

Barely a few hours with our children daily? Devastating.

Etc. etc. etc.

Isn’t there more to life than mostly working? There should be a better way, right? And that’s when I began looking.

Digging Around

I began pondering for a solution… how can I generate income while working less? Can I secure financial freedom without sacrificing time? Can I escape my 9-5?

As I sifted through the relentless stream of ‘make money online’ articles in hope of getting away from the office, a feeling of skepticism took hold. Many are obviously armchair experts and phony gurus. (And I came across some very dumb ideas too… I think I googled “how to make money online” and similar searches). Some are preaching crap that made me mad.

So, if you also feel like me trying to filter signal from the noise, let me get this out of the way: I’m a practitioner. I’m not an “expert” or a “guru”. What I share is all real-life, first-hand knowledge. No BS, no theories. My life was good, but I made it immensely better. Friends who’ve followed my lead have also found great success. However, it’s also important for me to acknowledge that there might be even better ways to a NR life that I’m unaware of. I’m simply sharing what I know from personal experience. I don’t know what I don’t know. But I think my way is pretty good, pretty easy and pretty fast.

And the best part of my path? It’s adaptable and it’s free right here in the open. Spend an afternoon to explore and see if it’s also what you want to do.

My goal is to empower cubicle dwellers (like I once was) to break free from the 9-5 and discover a more fulfilling way of life. Well, if you already feel fulfilled, then this is not for you.

As you look seriously into making more money, you may soon realize: there’re a million and one ways to make a million. The key is to find one that enables your dream life instead of consuming it. There is more than one path to achieve this, and I’m showing you the path I found.

By the way, in the same quest for financial freedom, I also stumbled across gurus all preaching the same save-and-invest gospel. Their message? Don’t you dare to spend. They’re experts at making you feel guilty for every buck you spend. But here’s the good news: if you’re like me, you’ll be happy to know it’s as easy to ramp up your income as it is to cut back on spending. No need to squeeze every penny till it screams. It’s a real relief to realize that I can ignore their guilt-tripping advice and keep enjoying as many lattes as I like!

It Blew My Mind.

So, while looking for a way out, I stumbled upon Tim Ferriss’ book – “The 4-Hour Workweek.” And it blew my mind. He’s describing this idea of “lifestyle design”—basically saying, hey, you can actually live an amazing life with lots of time. You don’t have to be tied down by a 9-5 and can do it wherever you want. And you can make a lot of money too! (I loved it because it’s a applicable to all. You can be engineer, a lawyer, a pharmacist or a lifelong slacker who now decide to get your act together. No genius genes needed.)

He’s advocating the concept of “dreamlining”, which basically tell you to list your dreams, calculate the cost to make them your reality, and come up with an actionable plan to fund it.  This approach clarifies your financial needs and streamlines goal setting.

But it’s not the exact dreamlining idea in the book that I love so much. It’s the realization that you can actually make a lot of money doing less. You can live life whatever way fits you. And that there’s more to life than just working. (And obviously, the book title is not to be taken literally.)

And, oh yeah, I’m really digging the attitude reflected in the writing of that wise-ass 30-year-old Ferriss too.

Anyway, game changer, right? You’ll see.

My fellow engineers: remember the thrill of starting out? Coding felt like the coolest gig ever, and getting paid for it seemed too good to be true. Then, a decade in, the shine started to fade (at least this was true for me and my circle of friends). The endless cycle of learning new frameworks and languages began to feel like a drag. Family life begins. As some shifted into management, the idea of coasting into a less demanding role started to have its appeal. If this describes you, it’s time to take action or nothing will change. And it’s much easier than engineering.

At first glance, making more while working less seems too good to be true. But Ferriss backed it up with solid facts and success stories. I was sold. (If you’re analytical as engineers would be, you would be skeptical, then you do deep analysis, then you’d conclude that it’s no bullshit.)

Ok, so how do you make more money? (while working less and not being tied up to a 9-5 job)

Nicely covered, he talked about making a living online, either by selling information or tangible goods, making use of outsourcing, and introduced me to the magic of earning without being glued to the business.

So far so good. And there seems like a lot of options to make $100K+ based on various inspirational stories in the book. It’s the kind of income good enough for you to travel the world or staying home with your kid.

But can I scale it to make $1M a year? How about $10M? It’s the golden question and it’s one that I managed to crack.

NR life, as explained, is not all about money. But to me, money a security blanket and must be acquired as part of the dream. Tim Ferriss may not agree, but to me, if I ain’t get millions in the bank, I ain’t rich. So I paid big attention to scaling. To me, it’s both the life and the money. Not just the life.

Cracking the code to financial freedom, NR style, wasn’t just a win for my wallet—it also unlocked a treasure chest of time. Suddenly, I was granted the luxury to truly live—relishing those precious moments life offers, while amassing a formidable set of skills. I learned to make use of my abundance of time. From turbocharging my focus and productivity to mastering the art of parenting and jet-setting around the globe, it’s been an exhilarating journey. Like a row of dominoes, the moment that extra time tipped, it triggered an avalanche of awesomeness. Every skill I’ve honed has been battle-tested by life itself. I’m thrilled to share these life-altering secrets with you, hoping to spark a flame in your pursuit of a life filled with even more zest.

Let’s go on to how I cracked the code and how you can do it too.

Discovering a Path

If it’s here that Ferriss’ book left you scratching your head (like I was, wanting more examples that would vibe with my circumstances), unsure of the next step, I’m here with my story to fill this gap. I’m sure there are multiple paths. But here’s the adaptable path I took.

So, I contemplated a few options.  I chose e-commerce as my gateway to the New Rich land, focusing on private label products and Amazon FBA (I never sold anything to make money online before but selling stuff just seems easy.) 

Note 1: The book also highlights another popular strategy: becoming an expert (or rapidly learning to become one) and selling information (knowledge). At the time, my only area of expertise is coding and engineering, a field where information seems readily available and I had no special method of teaching it. I’m skeptical about quickly mastering another subject to teach without feeling like an impostor. However, if you possess unique knowledge, this approach might be worth considering.

Note 2: Amazon FBA is a program where Amazon sells, packs, and ships a physical product for you. See the links below for additional details.

A few words about faith in the outcome (and faith in God is even better):
I was 100% convinced I could make it work. I didn’t purposely do it at the time, but as the saying goes, “If you believe, you can achieve.” I plunged into the information jungle online, straight on. I sifted through a maze of facts and fiction. It’s like hunting for a few glittering diamonds hidden among the dull stones. Then I strategized and took action.

Let’s hammer this point home another way: Channeling the spirit of Henry Ford who famously quipped, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Please grasp the essence of that. When diving into business, arm yourself with unshakeable conviction. Believe you can do it; it’s non-negotiable. Don’t doubt yourself. Shove those doubts aside if they come up. There’s real wisdom here, so take it to heart.

As you can imagine, lots of information came in fast and furious… and a bit overwhelming at first, especially having to filter out much garbage and so-so stuff. But finally, I felt I had all the information I needed.

Then it’s action time. As you’ll see: If I can do it, you can do it.

Action Time

Armed with a daring $5K, I grabbed a product for $1.50 a pop from Alibaba.com, requesting private branding with a box (which I made sure to look like a peacock in a field of pigeons).

Like magic, two months zipped by, and there it was— FedEx packages on my doorstep, my very own chest of goods. I listed them on Amazon at $15 apiece.

And what else?

I whipped up a killer product description (with search optimization in mind). The killer description is the magic kind that hooks customers in, making them pick mine over the alternatives without a second thought. It’s the kind that has prospects falling head over heels for my product, leaving the competition eating dust. Well, that was my thinking anyway, and I think it helped.

Guess what? Writing product descriptions is actually a skill and I learned it while waiting for the product to arrive. A skill (called “copywriting”) that is fortunately learnable fast to be pretty good. I’ll detail it in a post.

So, my strategy was simple but potent: eye-catching packaging to draw them in, then seal the deal with a compelling description.

For the uninitiated, the business I described above is private labeling. Basically, you hit up the original maker to stick your own brand on their product, so it looks like you’re the mastermind behind it, with your brand and website URL, etc… 

I’ll put up more articles to help newbies figure things out, and you can reach out if you’ve got more questions.

Scaling to the Moon

Once it hit Amazon, I nailed the search rankings and boom: it skyrocketed!

My engineering background may have helped me here. Not so much because I coded anything. But because I realized ranking is technical and tech is me. I would figure it out, and I did. (And I’ll remember to share it with you too.)

It was crazy. Every time I glanced at the seller app, my wallet got fatter. Felt like I’d stumbled onto a money-printing machine. This cash flow kept pumping, whether I was grinding at my day job, hanging out with the fam, or catching Z’s. All I did? Shipped inventory to Amazon. After that, it was like watching magic happen.

And when a few customer complaints came in (you always have these) and dampened my mood, I immediately hired a virtual assistant (VA) for $4.25/hr to deal with them. Smart move.

You know why I said ‘smart move’? 

Because as I learn more and more in my biz journey, you’re always hit with negative waves now and then. A lot of the complaints come from your competitors too. Don’t let them sink you emotionally. Sure, customer gripes can be gold, but let your VA filter them. Stay on top, tweak your product, and dodge the downers. And, oh yeah, stay away from negative people in your life too.

So, anyway, creating a private label product wasn’t difficult or time-consuming. Neither was setting up an LLC, nor opening a business bank account, nor opening Amazon seller account.

So what’s the biggest time suck?

The real time-sucker initially was sifting through a sea of info for good guidance and dodging bad advice. I did manage to balance it with my day gig. But on this site, I’ll show you the shortcut without all the detours. Consider yourself blessed. Very blessed.

So what’s up at this point?

Fulfillment and refunds were handled by Amazon. Customer service were handled by a virtual assistance. (You always get complaints no matter how good your product is). My general instruction to the VA was: Do whatever makes the customers happy (which usually means just send them a replacement, a discount, or a refund). Life is good.

As it continued selling, I re-ordered and re-ordered. And it got better: I negotiated the price down to just $0.93 from $1.50 a unit. (Don’t forget to re-negotiate your price after your product pickup up volume. You’d be surprised how cheap things can get when you order in huge quantities.) I think I had to put out another $5 or $10K for initial re-orders before the pay cycle caught up, but the money was no longer considered put at risk at that point.

Then I added more products to the lineup with the extra cash.

Before I knew it, it effortlessly raked in $324K profit at the end of the calendar year. I kicked my 9-5 job to the curb and began my NR life.

Earning income became effortlessly simple, and my schedule opened up expansively.

I found myself with the luxury of being present at every school event for my kids, plenty of time to delve into entrepreneurship and hone my business chops, the opportunity to elevate my productivity and life skills, and the freedom to explore the world with my family. (With extra time, you need to learn how to use it mindfully. Otherwise,  you might feel dragged down if you don’t have a plan.)

Compounding effect, as they said, is amazing.

NR life arrived as quickly as a dream.

Oh, and let’s not forget, valet and bellman services became my go-to because, let’s face it, time is better spent on fun and profit. Embracing the wisdom of the 4HWW to the max, I started outsourcing all the low-end tasks in my life.

And that’s pretty much my journey.

What’s Left Out?

Well, look at you, diving deep into the rabbit hole and still kicking. The tendency to soak up insights like a sponge will pay off big time; just make sure you squeeze (take action). So here’s more:

As my business took off like a rocket, I plunged headfirst into the wild ride of expansion – snapping up a warehouse, launching our own Shopify storefront, wrestling with fulfillment for our own shop, and roping in some on-the-ground crew. It was a little busy before I could figure out how to calm it all down.

Along the way, there were also unexpected twists – competitors slinging mud, import delays, criminals hijacking my listings to peddle knock-offs (see more below), etc.

This period was neither slow-paced nor stress-free. However, I was a pioneer on an uncharted path. By following in my footsteps but avoiding these bumps, your journey will be much smoother.

It was a mix of strategizing, tweaking, and then striking gold with systems that let me steer the ship without being swallowed by the sea… all while keeping that “New Rich” life alive – master of my domain, not a slave to it.

Side note: The guidance from “The E-Myth Revisited,” recommended by the 4HWW book steered me towards the right mindset from the get-go as far as running a regular business is concerned.

Fighting Criminals

Suddenly, without warning, the battle began. It was intense and epic. Chaos ruled for months until I finally reined it all in.

What’s the problem?

Imagine your digital empire, seemingly secure. Then, reality hits—digital criminals target you, impersonating your identity and creating products with counterfeit authenticity. (You’re likely aware of counterfeit Nikes, but have you ever heard of knock-offs for less prominent brands?). Many Amazon sellers would be familiar with a listing being “hijacked”. But few would experience when they’re being targeted by criminal enterprises.

You go after them with the law, they come back after you with a mob. They don’t give up easily because a fortune is at stake.

(Don’t sweat it; I’m on a mission to teach you everything so you can sweep through it like a breeze.)

That’s precisely why savvy sellers keep their treasures under wraps, never flaunting their wares in the public square. It’s nice to stay chilled under the radar.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Just hit up some experts and gurus for help, right?’ That’s what I figured, too. Supposed masters of the game…They had no secrets to reinforce my fortress. And diving deep into the Google rabbit hole? Even that treasure hunt came up empty, and believe me, it wasn’t for lack of throwing cash at the problem. I spent a ton on consulting and over $50K in legal fees just to keep them at bay, and that’s not even counting the sales losses, which ran into several hundred thousand dollars.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Most people don’t know what it’s like because they haven’t been there. Yeah, lots of people talk about a big game but they’re not there. It’s the fellow castle owners (who often lay low), those who’ve stood firm against similar assaults (after some brutal battles), who truly know the art of defense. 

And this experience shows me a crucial lesson about the 80/20 principle: A select few winning SKUs (products) can generate millions of dollars with minimal effort (think working less than 2 hours a day), especially when outsourcing all low-end tasks. In contrast, many people take the opposite approach by selling hundreds of SKUs, creating a lot of noise and work, but seeing little return on their efforts. Nobody robbed them because each of their SKUs was worth only a peanut. The downside of having few SKUs is you need to be able to protect them from criminals.

And I couldn’t find true winners of this game in my quest because they liked to lay low. I encountered only ruined dreams and charlatans, so I had to come up with my own which costed a fortune.

Like I said, I’m here to arm you for the entire mission, conquering then defending. I’ll unveil every tactic and strategy you’ll need to protect your domain (fortunately, it’s possible. Indeed, there are secrets in life.)

Also, keep this in mind to stay calm: These skirmishes typically stay off the radar until your sales odometer hits those sweet millions. It’s when you’re in the big leagues. By following my guides, you’ll find the time to refine your operations, sharpen your team, and construct an impenetrable fortress.

For the Curious Mind

Did I just get lucky? Nope, luck isn’t my secret sauce. It’s repeatable. I’ve nailed it with multiple brands and with friends. So, look out for plenty of strategies and success secrets laid out across multiple articles on this site, each enriched with the insights behind them for you to learn and emulate.

Side note: What is a brand and why do you need multiple brands? Picture Heinz ruling the ketchup kingdom and related food niche. And Pilot bossing the pen game. Trying to have Heinz selling pens is not a good idea, so you need a brand for a niche.

Jumping In

So I hope you’re inspired and ready to take action. But before you rush out to replicate my journey, take note: 2024 leaves little room for novice mistakes. You’ll need to sharpen your strategy to make sure you win. It’s crucial to dive into the resources I’ve shared here on the site, starting with the recommended links below. Stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletter.

Although the selling landscape is changing with more sellers on Amazon, but the fundamentals are still the same. I’m still winning it with the fundamentals: make your product visible in searches (continuous ranking tactics), catch the buyer’s eye in the search results, and convince them to choose you with solid salesmanship (description of your product). Good reviews are also vital.

So, forget the millionaire myth that paints success as an impossible long journey. I’m living proof that you don’t need a fortune or sacrifice sleep to succeed. Embrace the 80/20 principle. It’s entirely feasible to accomplish more with less. With the right knowledge, rapid success isn’t just a possibility—it’s within your grasp.

Interesting Tidbit

During the early days, I received an auto-reply to an order confirmation email we sent out. The response mentioned the customer would be unreachable for the next 3 months due to being “off the grid.” The tone and wording felt very much like Tim Ferriss, and the shipping address was to Austin, Texas. At the time, Tim Ferriss was known to be based in San Francisco, so I wasn’t sure if it was really him. It wasn’t until later that I learned he had moved to Austin, which made everything click! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find that original email, but it was cool to think back.

Key Takeaway

The biggest takeaway of my story? Private label e-commerce (with FBA-first focus) is not rocket science and doesn’t take weeks to learn. I’m an engineer but you don’t need to be one. You just need to be willing to learn. But don’t get stuck in learning mode. Learn it right, affirm your belief, then just do it.

So, gobble up the gems I have here on this site. Subscribe to the newsletter. Then take action… because let’s not forget: Knowledge is more garden than buffet. Hoarding info does nothing unless you plant and nurture it. So in short order, roll up your sleeves, and let your actions blossom from what you’ve absorbed!

Also, my story isn’t just about making the bank— It’s the NR life. It’s about taking back control of your time and living the way you want. It’s proof that the 9-5 isn’t the only way of living and that New Rich life Ferriss described isn’t just a pipe dream.

Guide to Freedom

If you’re new and e-commerce speaks to you, start with my post “Beginners Start Here.” It’ll guide you on where to head next, helping you avoid the maze of articles in a jumbled order that can overwhelm newcomers.

If you haven’t heard of the 4HWW book, read my notes here.

And, of course, subscribe to the newsletter!

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