The Dual Dynamo Framework

While starting with just Amazon FBA proved fruitful for me several years ago, relying solely on a single channel in 2024 market can be like skating on thin ice: risky. It’s been this way for the last couple of years actually.

That’s why I devised what’s called the Dual Dynamo Framework for my recent brands. This dynamic duo of a strategy does more than lowering the risk, it multiplies your revenue due to them feeding one another.

For the Amazon FBA old-timers, sticking to what they know might still work like a charm. After all, a hit product on Amazon could be the magic wand that erases the memory of any misses. But for those new dreaming of an e-commerce empire in 2024 and beyond, the Dual Dynamo Framework is your brick road to the Emerald City of business resilience and versatility.

The Dual Dynamo Framework: Unleashing the Power of Amazon and Shopify
Why go Dual Dynamo? It’s simple: betting on two horses gives you a better shot at winning the race. But it’s not just any race. It’s a strategic marathon where Amazon and Shopify are your thoroughbreds, each with its own set of superpowers that, when combined, can conquer the e-commerce universe.

Shopify: Shopify is a popular shop platform for your store. Here, you’re the architect, crafting a shopping haven that mirrors your brand’s soul. It’s your ticket to wooing customers directly, with SEO, paid search, and social media as your trusty sidekicks. Shopify’s charm lies in its freedom—you call the shots on the shopping experience and how to win hearts (and repeat sales). If you dislike Shopify (for whatever reason), you have many similar alternatives. Because you own online store with your own domain name, your customers may not even notice any difference when you move around among the shop platforms.

Amazon FBA: The E-commerce Goliath Amazon can be your best launchpad. It’s like having a megaphone that blasts your products to millions, backed by a logistics dream team that handles the nitty-gritty of storage and shipping. But, as with any superhero, there’s a kryptonite: fierce competition and the whims of Amazon’s rulebook. As of 2024, it’s not a wise move to bet on Amazon as your only horse.

The Best of Both Worlds Leveraging Your Website to Drive Amazon Sales and Boost Ranking

While many online sellers see their website and Amazon store as separate entities, a clever strategy can leverage your website to boost your Amazon ranking and sales. An example of leverage traffic you create:

Content Marketing Creates Demand:

Create High-Quality Content: Develop informative and engaging blog posts, articles, or videos on your website related to your products and target audience. Drive traffic to your site via social media. This content should not be purely sales-driven, but provide valuable information and establish you as an authority in your niche.

Highlight Amazon Listings: Within your content, strategically mention and link to your Amazon product listings. While they can buy the product on your website, they may choose to do so on Amazon because they have Prime, or if you provide them extra incentives.

Amazon’s algorithm favors listings with high sales velocity, positive reviews, and consistent traffic. By strategically using your website to drive traffic and incentivize purchases on Amazon, you can create a positive feedback loop that boosts your ranking and overall sales success on the platform. And that’s the secret sauce to supercharging your Amazon listings that 99% of sellers don’t know. And for those who do, they’re too lazy to do the work. It’s nice to compete against lazy asses. So, you can work smart and have lots of time. Just don’t be lazy. 

Similarly, your Amazon store’s sales might spark interest among the customers’ family and friends. However, they may not be fans of Amazon and prefer purchasing directly from your brand’s website. Believe it or not, if you love Amazon, you’d be surprised to know there are A LOT of people out there hating Amazon and they won’t shop there.

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