The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber


I got tipped off to this book by Tim Ferriss, and man, am I thankful! It got me zoning in on what matters right from the start. This book hammers home the power of systems and processes. It’s all about crafting a business that works for you, not the other way around. If you don’t want your business running your life, this is your playbook.

If enough readers s are up for it, I’m ready to spill the beans on my well-oiled machine on a detailed article. I run my business with zero chaos—nothing slips through the cracks. With a solid system, you don’t get overwhelmed and it can be operated by anyone. So let me know if you want to know how I keep everything streamlined and stress-free (the tools and tactics).


“The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber is a real eye-opener for anyone looking to dive into entrepreneurship without drowning in the common pitfalls. It breaks down the myth that just being an expert in a field (like a fantastic baker or a top-notch coder) automatically equips you to run a successful business in that field. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t!

Gerber introduces us to the idea that every small business owner plays three roles: the Technician (the doer and builder), the Manager (the planner and organizer), and the Entrepreneur (the dreamer and visionary). The catch is, most small business owners get caught up in the Technician role—doing what they know and love while neglecting the other crucial aspects that keep a business running and growing.

The real kicker comes with the concept of working on your business, not just in it. Gerber encourages owners to develop systems that anyone could operate, turning what could be just a job into a true business. It’s about stepping back and seeing your business as something separate from yourself, which could one day operate smoothly without your day-to-day involvement.

This idea leads to the development of a franchise prototype. Even if you don’t plan to franchise, designing your business as if it could be replicated helps ensure clarity and consistency, and it sets you up for potential expansion.

“The E-Myth Revisited” is not just about the dream of starting a business. It’s a call to thoughtfully plan, delegate, and design your way to success. By following this advice, you’ll dodge the chaos that takes down so many before they ever truly start. You should follow it to turn your entrepreneurial fantasy into a well-oiled business that you own (and can sell).