The Secret to Dominate Amazon That Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Amazon’s E=mc²: Cracking the Code

Ever notice how the big brains of history love to wrap up something complex in a neat little package? Take Einstein’s E=mc². Complex? Sure. But also brilliantly simple.

That can be done for Amazon too.

The real deal folks on Amazon are the ones quietly raking in cash, not selling dreams. The others, the so-called “gurus,” they’re just selling smoke. Why? Because making it seem complicated is how they make their dough.

No fluff, here’s the lowdown on winning Amazon:

Sell What People Need: If your product is answering a real scream for help, you’re golden. The bigger the problem it solves, the more folks will line up. Come up with your own product ideas that solve your own problems that other people also face. Don’t ask the tools (Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, etc) to suggest products to you. They’re not just telling you. They’re also telling a million other guys the same thing. Instead, use the tools to validate the demand

This is important, so I’ll put it another way: Ignore the gurus and toolmakers who tell you to just plug in parameters like “low reviews”, “poor reviews” and “high volume” in the tools’ to find products to sell. That’s the kind of advice that’ll quickly empty your bank account. Why? Every newbie seller is following the same steps and the tools (Helium 10, Jungle Scout, etc) are telling everyone the same thing. This leads to a flood of similar products on the market just as yours is launched. Bad, bad, bad.

By creating a product that solves your own problem, you significantly reduce the risk of launching into a crowded market that seemingly comes out of nowhere. (well, this nowhere is actually somewhere and that’s from the popular tools telling everyone the same products to make.) 

Stand Out: Your product needs to be the peacock in a field of pigeons. Make it unique, or it’ll just blend into the background when you show up in a search result. In other words, package your products so that it stands out and catches attention.

Rank Visibility is Key: If your product’s hiding on page 10, good luck selling anything. You gotta be front and center. Learn a few good tactics to get your products ranked. But hey, if you’re itching for a deep dive into ranking, look out for an article in my collection.

PPC Basics: Ads matter, but keep it simple. Spend some time to learn the basics. It’s not rocket science. I’ve got strategies up my sleeve.

Quality Control: Your biggest newbie nightmare. Cut through it with smaller orders and a tight quality check. Check the suppliers’ history.

Most Important Advice: Keep it simple, especially your first products. You don’t want products that have too many moving parts that are prone to having  issues. And no glass or fragile stuffs.

Are there risks? Sure, they’re part of the game, any game. But the better you know the game, the higher chance you have at winning. And it’s a great chance to win on Amazon

That’s the essence. Amazon’s not rocket science; it’s more like E=mc². Simple, with a dash of genius.